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A4 format

490 pages

488 photographs

667 drawings and diagrams

Building plans for over 30 original kites with detailed description of building techniques

Includes new 57-page supplement (pdf) “Making a Snow Crystal”

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This book focuses entirely on kites based on stellar configurations. Lavishly illustrated and printed on glossy paper, STAR KITES includes:


  • My own approach to kite design and kite aesthetics and craftsmanship

  • An extensive discussion of aerodynamics as specifically pertaining to kites, various types of aircraft and other natural or man-made flying objects

  • Building plans for a wide range of kites including many original designs

  • Many colour photographs showing the kites in flight and detailing steps in the construction process

  • Original and unusual building techniques

  • Advice on the best way to understand rip-stop spinnaker nylon and build efficiently with minimum waste

  • Combined principles of framing and bridling kites extensively described

  • How to set up a functional kite workshop

  • How to build a kite making table

  • How to make and use special kitemaking tools

  • The background research that I carried out over the years on a century-old Western tradition of cellular kites

  • Each copy is signed and numbered


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Click on the photograph above for a review (in German) by Ralf Dietrich and here for Ralf's own web site

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