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This page shows photographs and information sent to me by kitefliers who have made kites from my book STAR KITES or who have flown my own kites.

I enjoy receiving such comments and photographs, so I invite anyone who owns a copy STAR KITES and has made any kites from it to let me know about what they have built and in this way to add to this page.

The videoclip of the QUATTROSTELLE on the right was realized and sent to me in 2019 by Fatma Heisele of Stuttgart, Germany.  

The clip on the left was also sent recently by Fatma. This custom, 35 metres long MILLESTELLE is flown by Zahit Mungan in or around Mardin, in Turkey. More information is to be found at the bottom of this page.

A very fine video clip of the QUATTROSTELLE in flight, made by Jim Nicholls in New Zealand, can be watched on YouTube through this link:



And this is a LARGE SUPER REFLEX that I made a long time ago (1991). The photographs were kindly sent by Richard Friederich who for many summers flew this kite on the wide beaches of the Nordsee.

More photographs can be seen through this link:


IMG_4459 Ritschi.png

Mark Groh of Hamlin, NY, USA, sent this photograph in 2017 with this message:

"I have had the delight in flying this beauty the past several weeks. So many that have seen it express how beautiful it looks in the blue sky. I did fly one afternoon in a sudden snowfall, and the kite danced happily, although it was a drab gray sky, and no sunshine. This kite keeps one hopping in the field but it sure is a fun will be flown often. Looking forward to other ideas you are putting together in the near future."

Click here for a review of the Large Enif by Ralf Dietrich.

Screenshot (1215) cropped.png

This cool "KORU" REFLEX was made in 2020 from a plan in STAR KITES by Holger Lendla from Duisburg, Germany, who wrote:

"I made the Koru Reflex Kite from your book with 3D printed Parts and Laser Cut Sails.

It was a wonderful experience and I want to say THANK YOU again for this great book."

Stern_Flug_01 cropped.jpg

Harald Bertsch from Harscheid (Germany) recently wrote this:

"Thank you for your wonderful book. I've built a large "Quatrostelle" ... in white and blue.

Today was the maiden flight and I am absolutely thrilled. There was very little wind and the kite pulled straight into the sky. He was allowed to take 80 meters of leash and I had a big grin on my face.
attached some pictures from today ... Thank you very much for this wonderful blueprint and the wonderful kite.

Anprobe Gestänge_01.jpg
Schwanzelement geklebt_01.jpg
IMG_3873 light.jpg

I made this MILLESTELLE in 2019. I believe it is the fourth all-white Millestelle I have made in  nearly 40 years of kite making  and it is the longest: 34 units plus head for a total length of about 35 metres. For the head I had this idea of superimposing additional points to the white base and I think the effecvt in the sky is good. The very short clips below show Zahit Mungan hard at work trying to get the kite airborne on a windless day. I know the feeling! But when the wind is there and is right, then things are different. I know that feeling, too. This kite will stand out when flown at a kite festival surrounded by the strong colours of all the other kites.


I received these photos and video clip late in July, 2022, from David Stefanowicz who flew the QUATTROSTELLE and the LARGE ENIF from what looks like a very fine beach in New Jersey, U.S.A.

4stelle & Large Enif crop1.jpg

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